Feeling normal

And it’s Monday. It’s so odd to feel like a regular human but happy that’s how I feel today. Been using the melatonin at night and so far I’m getting more restful sleep and it’s relaxing the brain enough to allow me to be normal. Hopefully it continues the same way. It’s just another vitamin added to the other ones I already take. My husband has said that I look like a walking pharmacy most days.

In the morning I take Vitamin B12, Vitamin D (had a deficiency in the vitamin. My body wasn’t absorbing it well from the sun) and also Vitamin C. The Vitamin C helps me not constantly feel sick as I find that I have a quick drop in my immune system when I’m more strict with my diet.

I’m the evening I take calcium and magnesium as indicated by my doctor and I’ve found it quite helpful in aiding with preventing migraines. If I happen to “forget” a few days I notice the difference right away. So now I also do 3mg of melatonin and so far it’s been helpful.

So there you have it friends. That’s my progress so far. Had a normal “human like” weekend and so far today I’ve been quite productive. Have to take advantage of getting as much stuff done as I can and spend as much quality time as I can with my children when I’m feeling good.

Thank you to everyone for all your support in the last few days. You’re all amazing.


Author: helenasmith2031

I'm a wife to an amazing man and the mom of two great and precious children!

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