Something different…

So I’ve now started to experience symptoms I’ve never felt before. Besides the head throbbing pain, the last two days I’ve had the worst stomach pain and nausea that it’s crazy.

Started my morning yesterday thinking it was just an upset stomach and treated it as such. Got the kids ready and went to spend the day at an indoor playground with the kids and my great friend Vera. Stomach continued to hurt and we cut the day short and I decided to head home. As the day progressed, it went from bad to worse. I got home with the kids and began getting so cold to a point I couldn’t warm up. Spent over 3 hours shivering to no end. Stuck myself in the tub once hubby was home and finally warmed up. At this point I had run a fever of 39.3C and just felt like death. Then my head started throbbing and my legs were in so much pain that it was unbearable to sleep. Took more meds and was finally able to sleep.

Today I woke up feeling nauseated still and afraid to eat anything. The thought of food or the smell of it just triggers another throbbing migraine and insane nausea. So I’ve been on green tea and one bagel all day.

I’ve suffered from migraines all my life and just when I think I have it under control I get days like these. It was crazy but I feel so blessed to have people in my life that checked in on me.

As you can see, migraines aren’t just the throbbing head pain but every other symptom that leads to the pain and in some cases we have the other symptoms without the throbbing head pain. Glad I decided to document my struggle cause I never expected to be experiencing new symptoms like these.

Thanks for reading


Author: helenasmith2031

I'm a wife to an amazing man and the mom of two great and precious children!

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